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GCCI PRINT MEDIA – GCCI’s membership comprises over 600 organisations in various sectors from mining to pharmaceuticals to trading etc. Many of them visit the website but almost all of them are regular readers of the monthly GCCI bulletin. The bulletin offers this readership to an advertiser at a very reasonable advertising tariff. Black and white or color can be used.

Please send your advertisement artwork 300 dpi hi-resolution in CorelDraw 13 (CDR) and/or Portable Document Format (PDF) or JPG|JPEG format.

Payments can be made in either in Cash, Cheques or Demand Draft favouring GOA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY, Panaji. For more information – Call Assistant Director Information Services on +91 832 2424252.

Bulletin Advertisement Tariff

Particulars Size Annual 6-monthly Single insertion
COLOUR – (full page) – 25 cms (height) x 19 cms (Width)
Full Page

allowed 1 change(s) a year

Rs. 26,000/- Rs. 20,000/- Rs. 3,600/-

without changes

Rs.23,000/- Rs.17,000/- Rs.3,600/-
Rear Cover Rs.32,000/-
Front/Rear Inside Cover

Centre Spread (2 facing pages)

COLOUR – (half Page) – 12.5 cms (height) x 19 cms (Width)
Front/Rear Inside Cover Rs.18,000/-
Half Page Rs.16,000/- Rs. 10,000/- Rs.2,500/-
FullPage 25 cms (height) x 19 cms (Width) Rs.16,500/- Rs.11,000/- Rs.2,500/-
Half Page 12.5 cms (height) x 19 cms (width) Rs.8,000/- Rs.5,000/- Rs.1,000/-
Quarter Page

12.5 cms (height) x 9 cms (width)

Rs.5,500/- Rs.3,000/- Rs.750/-