The Chamber is pro-active in organising events that is well received by the members of the business community in Goa – who are also members of the Chamber. Below is a list of annual events organized by the Chamber.

1. Goa Agenda – The information Technology Event

Information Technology event for development of Goa. Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI) in collaboration with the Goa Government annualy hosts this event to a gathering of different sectors whether it is IT or Tourism, to develop strategies and potential for growth of sector in Goa, eventually leading to Goa’s economic growth. [Month of Event : FEBRUARY]


2. Live Telecast of Union Budget

Every year the Union Finance Minister presents the Union General Budget to the Parliament on 28th February. This being an event of great interest to all members of the trade, every year the Chamber telecasts the presentation live at the Chamber’s Convention Hall. On this occasion heads of various trade and industry associations, prominent industrialists and businessmen , Govt. officials, Press etc. are invited to view the live telecast and express their immediate reactions on the General Budget. A working lunch is generally provided. [Month of Event : FEBRUARY]


3. Talk on Union Budget (Analyzing Budget impact on Economics)

Once the Union Budget has been announced, to analyze the budget and to study the likely impact of its provisions on the Indian Economy, eminent experts in the field are invited every year to deliver a budget talk. The main purpose of the talk is to provide a specific analysis of the budget and the impact it is likely to have on the trade. [Month of Event : MARCH]


4. Workshop on GST

Workshops on GST are regularly organised by the chamber to help provide an understanding of Key GST concepts and the practical application of GST. With GST, it is anticipated that the tax base will be comprehensive, as virtually, all goods and services will be taxable, with minimum exemptions. Thus, it is important for Industry professionals to get acclimatised with this new regime. [Month of Event : MARCH]


5. Seminar on EXIM Policy

Each year the new EXIM Policy is unveiled in April. The new policy is a comprehensive document on India’s foreign trade promotion framework, touching upon all relevant issues including the country’s stand on WTO matters, bilateral trade issues and free trade agreements. Regulations on the foreign currency front and export financing facilities may also be highlighted in the document. The Chamber organizes a seminar on EXIM policy every year as it finds that it is essential for everybody connected with Exim trade to understand National Foreign Trade Policy in depth. [Month of Event : APRIL or MAY]


6. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting of the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry is held every year in the last week of June. It usually consists of a Business Session which is open only to the members of the Chamber and a General Session which is attended by members, guests and invitees. The Chamber usually invites a leading personality as the Chief Guest drawn either from the Government or from the Business Community. [Month of Event : JUNE]


7. ASTURI – Programme for Women Entepreneurs

The GCCI Womens Wing is committed to raise the level of Women Entrepreneurs along with providing avenues to reach their products beyond the geographical boundaries of Goa. The Womens Wing is also hopeful of carving out a niche market for Women Entrepreneurs.

[Date/Month of Event: Varies, but usually between:[Month of Event :FEBRUARY-to-APRIL]