Below listed are areas you can benefit by obtaining Chamber Membership thatr brings many concrete benefits to all industries.

  • Being part of the premium business organization of Goa.
  • Interacting with the state government and facilitating dialogue with various government institutions on issues such as taxation, zoning, various industry tariffs, sectoral grievances.
  • Networking – a platform to interact and network with members of the Chamber and experts and opinion makers from various fields.
  • Access to GCCI membership list datasbase.
  • Opportunity to advertise at a discounted rate in the monthly newsletter. Use of GCCI logo as member of Chamber in promotional activity.
  • Use of GCCI logo as ‘Member of GCCI’ in promotional activities.
  • Receive invites to activities carried out by the Chamber such as Events/ Meetings/Seminars.
  • Visa recommendation for business trips.
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