Endorse Price Lists, Invoices, Tender Documents, Agency Agreements, GMP Certificates etc. Issue on request from members, Letters of Recommendation to Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates & Trade Commissions for issue of visa to their officials planning to visit various countries for promotion of business.


Issuance of ‘Non-Preferential Certificates of Origin’ in respect of goods exported from India. These Certificates are accepted as authentic documents by the Embassies, Consulates & Trade Commissions of various countries.


Maintain a record of all important statistical reports received from the Government including the annual Economic Survey of the state.


Organise special programmes – workshops, lectures, discussions & seminars on subjects of topical interest to members.


To work closely with the Government, professionals, experts, intellectuals, eminent personalities and with people from industry, trade, business on matters of commerce.


To obtain the removal of all acknowledged grievances affecting mercantile and industrial interests, as far as possible.