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(1) YouTube EDU YouTube the video site has just released a new sub-site called YouTube EDU, aggregating thousands of free lectures from over a hundred universities across the country, including MIT, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and many more. From the Directory page, browse through all the university options, and when you pick one, you can see all of the full courses or individual lectures available.

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Revamping the Technical Education System

India produces over eight lakh graduates and diplomas in professional degrees, from over four thousand approved institutes. Yet, there is an acute shortage of the right manpower across industries. A severe attrition problem exists in many industries other than IT, From the candidate’s side, there is the ever looming prospect of unemployment and under-employment. Typically, the graduation certifi­cate needs an additional certificate that stu­dents get independently of their college educa­tion—like in IT or management—to find the right job. With campus interviews the trend not just in the IIMs and the IITs. But even in other universities the gap between the indus­trial HR needs and the qualification of the pass outs has come to the fore.

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Solutions For Your Math Phobic Child

Meet a bright teenager Sandra. She is excellent in all her subjects academically and is quite happy about her performance till she talks about the subject of Mathematics. Math Sandra says give her nightmares. She can’t stop talking about this dull and boring subject and how she cried when her teacher put her outside class for getting her calculations wrong. She dreads when she talks about Algebra, where she got a whole lot of red lines across her homework book, for it involves painful memory to remember the formulas.

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Learning Style Exercise Help Identify Root Causes For Learning Disabilities

Identifying the deep and underlying causes of learning disabilities doesn’t have to be difficult. A “Learning Style Exercise helps bring to the surface potential causes for many common learning disabilities including dyslexia (difficulty understanding words, sentences, or paragraphs), dyscalculia (difficulty solving mathematical problems and grasping mathematical concepts, and auditory and visual processing disabilities.

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How to Develop a Super Memory in Your Child

Anyone can be taught the skill of having a super, trained memory, even a child. When I hear someone say, “I can never remember faces.” Or “I can’t remember names, but I never forget a face.” I think how casually we treat our memory and how often we take it for granted. If a child or young student crams for an exam yet delivers a poor paper, adults have a convenient explanation, “a bad memory.” The young person, grateful for a way out of something that is perceived to be beyond his control, seizes the “bad memory” excuse, and often ends up using it for future failures.

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Florence Nightingale (1820-1910)

Florence Nightingale was a pioneer of the nursing field. She was first publicly noticed as an administrator during the Crimean War. Her unwavering determination to provide the best, sanitary care possible cut the death rate considerably for her side. She continued to contribute to the field of nursing throughout her life and continued to open doors for nurses and women in general.

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Massachusetts (MIT) Free list of open course ware courses

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) based in the USA is a free and open educational resource (OER) for educators, students, and self-learners around the world and recognised as the best resource for expanding one’s knowledge.

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