How to Apply for Chamber Membership

Any individual, Firm, LLP, Joint Stock Company, Co-operative Society or Commercial Association or any person carrying on or engaged in or connected with trade commerce industry, transport, banking, insurance, commercial service, mining, education, agriculture and the like or profession or vocation such as Legal Practitioners, Accountants, Auditors, Engineers, Doctors, Surveyors, Faculty of Educational Institution is eligible to become a member of the Chamber. Any individual carrying on studies, investigation or research in the field of economics or statistics relating to trade, commerce, industry, agriculture, transport, mining, insurance, education or other allied subjects connected with the economic well being of the country can also become a member of the Chamber notwithstanding the fact that he does not conform to the requirements specified in the Sub Rule (i) of the membership application form. Application for new membership shall be proposed in writing by one Member and seconded by another.  It shall after scrutiny be placed before the Managing Committee, and when accepted,  the application will be enrolled as a member for that year and his/her name will be placed on the Register as from that date. “The Managing Committee shall have entire discretion to ACCEPT or REJECT any application for membership without assigning any reason and its decision shall be final ” An applicant whose application is so rejected shall not become a member for a period of six months from the date of such rejection. The Proposer or the seconder of such rejected application will have the right to make an appeal to the General Body.