Goa Tryst with trade Goa, situated mid-way along the west coast of India, was famous since time immemorial as an entrepot of renown in the Indian Ocean littoral. Its ancient port-capital of Chandrapur, Gopakapattana and Ella had serviced the Indian Ocean trade and enjoyed commercial relations with ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Jews and the Arabs. Goa, in the first century of the Portuguese rule was famous for the lucrative commerce centred on its ‘golden’ port. Later, with the decline of the port of Goa, Goa Dourada soon became a dependency of British India, with an import-based and remittance-funded economy. Since Liberation, Goa which had languished in a condition of economic stagnancy under the colonial regime, has taken i impressive strides in the field of commerce and industry. The journey of Goan trade and commerce through the ages has, indeed, been an eventful and exciting one offering new vistas of documentation, and academic interpretation for the scholar who seeks to delve into its, multi-faceted past. Goa: Its Tryst with Trade will certainly evoke considerable interest in students and researchers of commercial history of Goa and will also serve as stimulating reading for the general reader. Price: Rs. 1500/- (Bulk discount available).