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Thursday, 25 June 2009 12:18

Goa-Its Tryst WithTradeThe principal objective of this book is to reconstruct the commercial history of Goa through an analysis of the archival, epigraphical, numismatic, sculptural and oral evidences.

The narrative discusses the commercial geography of Goa, traces the historical evolution of the commercial state of Goa from the riverine port-capital of Chandrapur to the Portuguese Pearl of the East to Gopakapattana and Ella. It also highlights the historical linkages between commerce and faith and presents a critique of colonial commerce with a special focus on the indigenous inputs and the developments in the 20th Century.

Written by Dr Pratima Kamat, Head of the Department of History, Goa University, The book is produced by the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has been launched at the 101st Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Saturday 27th June 2009 at 6.00pm at Grande Sala, Cidade de Goa, Dona Paula.

The book will certainly evoke considerable interest in students and researchers of the commercial history of Goa and will also serve as stimulating reading for the general reader.

Elegantly designed with over 120 photos and maps, it is priced at Rs 1,500 and comprises of 283 pages. Contact the Chamber on all working days for your personal copy. (Call Bemvinda or Melanie on 2424252, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).


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President Desk - GCCI Bulletin Jan 2014

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    Trade and Commercial Directory 2010

  • Goa Infrastructure Report

    Goa Infrastructure Report

  • Glorious 100 - The Chamber thru' the years

    Glorious 100 - The Chamber thru' the years

  • Goa's Tryst with Trade

    Goa's Tryst with Trade

Trade and Commercial Directory 2010

Trade Commercial Directory 2010Released on 19th June, 2010, the Chamber periodically publishes a Trade and Commercial Directory of Goa, covering various industries, business organizations, trade and services, along with information on products manufactured, contact info, etc. It is available in "hard-copy" with 285 pages. Also available on CD-ROM disc (soft-copy).

A very useful resource for companies that are looking to market themselves as well as avail of the services existing in Goa. This single publication has important information classified in a user friendly manner.

In a small state like Goa, we have over 600 active members and they have been listed in a special section in the Directory. A significant number of our members take part in the activities of the Chamber, be it talks or training programmes.

Price: Hard-copy : Rs.400/- | CD-ROM disc : Rs.250/-

Goa Infrastructure Report

Goa Infrastructure ReportThe GCCI Infrastructure Report is a comprehensive 260-page report that attempts to provide an "independent" and "unbiased view" of the present critical state of infrastructure in the State of Goa and also to provide an insights into the forward path to be taken in terms both immediate and long-term actions.

It is sincerely believed that the report will assist in focusing attention on those important areas which need urgent attention and which will maximize benefits to the State of Goa. Topics covered: The Goa Agenda, Power Sector, Water sector, The Sewerage system, Solid waste management, Transportation sector, Goa's growth engines, Enablers & Growth Catalysts, Bibliography.

Price: Hard-copy : Rs.250/- | CD-ROM disc : Rs.150/-

Glorious 100 - The Chamber thru' the years

GCCI 100 yearsThe book was conceived to mark the Chamber's Centenary. It gives the first full account of the genesis of the Chamber and the meritorious work it has done through the turbulent period of the Portuguese regime to the post liberation period when Goa joined the mainstream.

The book offers a comprehensive explanation of the Chambers durability and gives insights into its operation and its capacity to adapt to the constantly changing political, social and economic environment.

It is also a vivid portrayal of the many remarkable personalities, who have demonstrated their capacity to combine their learning , experience , financial acumen and a great sense of social commitment to fashion this institution for the ongoing benefit of the society and have helped shape the developments of their time.

Price: Hard-copy: Rs.400/-

Goa's Tryst with Trade

Goa Tryst with tradeGoa, situated mid-way along the west coast of India, was famous since time immemorial as an entrepot of renown in the Indian Ocean littoral. Its ancient port-capital of Chandrapur, Gopakapattana and Ella had serviced the Indian Ocean trade and enjoyed commercial relations with ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Jews and the Arabs. Goa, in the first century of the Portuguese rule was famous for the lucrative commerce centred on its 'golden' port. Later, with the decline of the port of Goa, Goa Dourada soon became a dependency of British India, with an import-based and remittance-funded economy. Since Liberation, Goa which had languished in a condition of economic stagnancy under the colonial regime, has taken i impressive strides in the field of commerce and industry. The journey of Goan trade and commerce through the ages has, indeed, been an eventful and exciting one offering new vistas of documentation, and academic interpretation for the scholar who seeks to delve into its, multi-faceted past. Goa: Its Tryst with Trade will certainly evoke considerable interest in students and researchers of commercial history of Goa and will also serve as stimulating reading for the general reader.

Price: Rs. 1500/- (Bulk discount available).








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