Building On the Past. Consolidating The Present, Meeting Future Challenges

The Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is one of the oldest Chambers in India has been instrumental in building up infrastructure for trade and industry in Goa. The Chamber is the apex body in the State and has nearly 500 plus members, which consists of sectorial associations besides traders, manufacturers in small, medium and large sectors and professionals.

The Chamber has built strong relations with various State and Central Government Departments and has played a key role in the process of enactment of policies for the trade and industry and has also educated the members in responding to the related legislations, regulations which are existing in the country, besides conducting management training programs from time to time.

The Chamber has its own premises and a full-fledged Office. The President and the Managing Committee, had made a commitment to the members, while taking over, to improve the facilities as well as the services provided to them. Today, the Chamber has an excellent office premises, which is renovated and is provided with the latest IT equipment, to serve and respond to the members as expeditiously as possible. The Chamber Hall has also been renovated with all the modern amenities. The office staff has also been geared up to meet the necessities of the day and has been providing excellent service to its members.

Over the last few years, it has been seen that the Chamber has played a lead role in influencing the government agencies to create a suitable environment for the working of the Goan industry and trade. It has been quick to find solutions for various problems faced by the business community and has been successful in delivering the goods. The Managing Committee is putting in a lot of effort and time in these activities, which has resulted in improving the infrastructure and functioning of the Chamber. Their involvement has helped in:

  • To promote and protect interests of trade, commerce, and industry.
  • To act as a catalyst in developing economy, trade, industry, commerce and the socio economic conditions of Goa and the nation as a whole.
  • To build opinions and suggest pro-active options for enhancing competitiveness of business and industry by interacting with policy makers and experts.
  • To facilitate the unorganized sector of trade & industry, as the unorganized sector contributes a major share in the industrial growth.
  • To help the Government in providing a transparent administrative and tax system.
  • As a pro-active organization of business, GCCI is committed to spearhead the promotion of a conducive environment forTrade, Industry and Commerce

It is true that the expectations from the Chamber has increased manifold and are not restricted to industry and commerce alone but also to a broader economic perspective. The Chamber today is not an exclusive club / group of a few but represents the aspirations and desires of the entire business community of the State. The Chamber encourages interactions with small businessmen, traders and entrepreneurs in order to make an effort and understand the issues that are crucial to them.

Best Chamber Award

The Goa Chamber of Commerce was awarded the “Best Chamber” award by the Western & Southern India Business Association. Photo shows GCCI President Nitin Kunkoliencar receiving the prestigious award at the hands of Naranbhai Rathwa – Minister of State for Railways, in presence of the Governor of Goa, his Excellency Shri SC Jamir.

Future Goals, Looking Ahead …

In the near future, the Chamber will have three seperate cells :

  1. The Co-ordination Cell will deal with redressal of members’ grievances and administrative matters.

  2. Event Management Cell will conduct Workshop, Seminars and continuation Training programs.

  3. Economic Research cell will deal with in depth economic research pertaining to the Trade and Industry.

The Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry has taken giant strides in promoting trade and industry in the State besides projecting Goa at the national level and has also helped the local entrepreneurs to meet the global challenges as it is the need of the day. This is only the beginning. We have miles to go before we achieve the ultimate.