Despite centuries of alien occupation, Goa’s cultural traditions have displayed amazing resilience. The Portuguese influence and local strains have created a cultural mix which is different from the rest of india.

Goan folk music and dances has a lively rhythm. The musical accompaniment for both folk songs and the folk dances is provided by a diversity of musical instruments like ghumot, dhol, cymbal, flute, harmonium, violin, mandolin, guitar, sitar and may others. Music has the focus at all major social events – fairs, feasts, dances and mariages.

Music and dance form the very fibre of rural Goa. Traditional dances like Dhalo, Kinbi, Dekhni, Fugdi, Coridinho, Mando, Ghodemodni, Dhangar, Lampdance, and many others display the extraordinarily rich and lively culture of Goa.

Performing art forms like Zagor, Khell. Tiatr, Dashavatari kalo, Veerbhadra and Mussallam Khel also show the diversity of the cultural influences which makes Goan culture so distinctive and unique.

Overall Goans are hospitable people with majority of the local population speaking english, guest/visitors to this beautiful state will certainly feel at home.


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