We assist in providing Letters of Recommendation for the issuance of visa are addressed to Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates, and Trade Commissions on request from our members intending to travel abroad for the promotion of business. Members have to submit a formal application on official company letterhead addressed to us requesting the issuance of Letter of Visa Recommendation.  A processing Fee of Rs.100/- per letter will be charged. Sample application letter format is shown below.


XYZ Company Pvt. Ltd.



The Director General,
Narayan Rajaram Bandekar Bhavan,
T.B Cunha Road,
P.O.Box 59, Panaji
Goa,  India – 403 001

Dear Sir / Madam:

Sub : VISA Recommedation Letter

Please issue a letter with respect to the above-mentioned subject. We will be visiting [Country Name] for business purposes. My/Our Chamber Membership Registration Number is XXXXX.


John Doe
Chief Excecutive Officer