A robust Goan economy with state-of-the-art infrastructure establishing Goa as the foremost state in Tourism, I.T., Education, Logistics and Pharma.


  • To promote and protect interests of trade, commerce, and industry.
  • To act as a catalyst in developing economy, trade, industry, commerce and the socio economic conditions of Goa and the nation as a whole.
  • To build opinions and suggest pro-active options for enhancing competitiveness of business and industry by interacting with policy makers and experts.
  • To facilitate the unorganized sector of trade & industry, as the unorganized sector contributes a major share in the industrial growth.
  • To help the Government in providing a transparent administrative and tax system.
  • As a pro-active organization of business, GCCI is committed to spearhead the promotion of a conducive environment forTrade, Industry and Commerce